strange material / shading / render (?) problem


i am working on a low poly game character right now (for use in ogre).
i am very confused with one problem, i rreally don´t know what to do next and very much hope that you can help me out… (:

the character wears some head cloth, kept by a hair-band or something (different colour, but same object).
during the work progress i changed the material and colour of this hair-band, to be able to differ it from the rest of the head cloth (maybe that´s why there is my problem now) - but i deleted this material later on.
now there is one single material, color-map and normal-map for the whole character.

when i render the character, it shows up like this:
colour- and normal map only works where the hair-band should be, although i did not set any different material, colour- or normal map for it (as i said).

if i set the viewport shading to “shaded”, it looks like this:

but, viewport shading set to “textured”:
this is how it should look like, normal map included when rendered of course.

[by the way … when exported as ogre mesh and then shown in ogre, there is no render problem.
but here it appears to have some extra material, as if the hair-band were a sub-mesh (created by the exporter for some reason, i think). if i delete this extra material (which can´t be found in the blender outliner btw), the hair-band looks white (the rest still rendered correctly).]

seems like the part of the mesh which shall appear as hair-band has some settings which i can not find/control/change any more?
i don´t know if it has anything to do with materials oder shading, or if i did something completely wrong somewhere else … (;

… any suggestions?

thank you!!