Strange mesh issue after weight painting

I needed to stop my character’s skin showing through their clothing so I applied weight transfers.

I did this by using the following instructions:

However my character’s clothes are now looking distorted:

any ideas about how to fix this would be much appreciated!

There’s nothing strange about this, the weight transfer method is only enough as long as the clothes has more or less the same shape as the body. A skirt has different shape than two legs, you have to correct the weight paint of the skirt manually.

Hi Helluvamesh,

Thank you for your reply. Would it be possible to describe how you would manually weight paint this kind of dress? If I go through the vertex groups and paint the problematic areas with a weight value of 0 (so they are blue) I get the following result:


I hope this isn’t a really stupid question. It just seems however I weight paint the dress, I’m not getting the desired result. Thank you.

If you need good results, you should create a dedicated rig for the skirt, something like this: k%C3%A9p
(This is the first result when googling “maya rig skirt”.)

Thanks helluvamesh. I was under the impression I had to use weight painting and didn’t know that there was a possibility to use rigging for clothes. Do you think weight painting won’t fix the problem? I can’t seem to find any good tutorials about how to rig clothing in Blender…


  • Create the bones that are not x-ed out in the picture.
  • Select the armature, enter pose mode, select the newly created skirt bones
  • SHIFT Select the clothes, enter weight paint mode
  • SPACE > Weight from Bones

See for yourself, just try it.

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Thanks Heluvasmesh,

So the bones are added:

In Pose Mode, when the skirt is parented to the bones, the character moves but the bones (with the affixed skirt stay fixed. Is there a simple way to make the skirt bones move with the armature?

My initial thought was I’d have to apply transforms to the skirt bones to match the movement on the legs. This however seems a bit laborious and I wonder if there’s a better workflow?

Thank you

Thanks Helluvamesh,

That sorted it!