Strange Mesh/shading behaviour. Bumpy/deformed

Greetings. I have a little problem with my project and I can’t fix it on my own. That’s why I’m asking for help here.

Now I made a model. nothing fancy so far. And I plan on making a cellshading in the final product.
But the shades on the mesh are just ugly.

I don’t know how to fix it. I mean it’s obvious, what goes wrong and I think it’s as well obvious what I want to achieve. A nice clean curve.

Has someone an idea what causes this problem? And even better how to fix it?
Here is my file, so you can take a look on your own.
Madlaine Body.blend (994.7 KB)

I hope for some help and thanks for reading so far :wink:


You seem to be editing the mesh in edit mode and I see alot of triangles and sharp edges. You can try the shade smooth option but realisticly you are going to need more clean geomatry and topolgy to get natural smoothness

I have set everything to the smooth shading mode allready.
to be honest I am not realy used to making models. I just try my best to at least get the head shape in general. But I have no idea what a got topology is and what makes the geometry clean.

Also you can see in the first pic that the shadow makes such strange breaks inside of the faces. So… No idea on attacking that point at all.

Well i can take a look at the file and see if theres any quick tips but i would highly recomend watching some tutorials on basic character modeling and sculpting. Im more skilled at hard-surface modeling but you may also want to try again and start with more simple shapes