Strange New Worlds

Hello again fellow blender arts:D, this is what I have been working on for the last couple of nights. The image you see is a combination of many different planets from our solar system. I combined a variety of textures from the earth, mars, pluto and the moon, to get the result you see in my image. I hope everyone enjoys the picture, thanks again, Acer.

i like it. nice concept, only thing i would say is that the lights could do with some work because they look a bit to speckly, i know it meant to be far a way but i still think they would look better if they where softer,
other than that a realy nice image

I agree with renderman thats a nice piece of work :slight_smile: I like it a lot. although for some reason the atmosphere looks a lot more defined at the bottom of the planet as it is near the top which bugs me, but still nice work :slight_smile:


I took your advices and adjusted the atmosphere of the planet. I also tried to soften the lights on planet some. Tell me if it has improved, or if I need to adjust it a little more before I call this project done. Thanks a lot for posting:), Acer.

Iron Maiden - Strange World First thing I thought of lol.

Nice piece, I love the night-side of the planet. Though perhaps the moon is a bit too close?

I like this alot, if you could get rid of that ring completely i’d use this as a desktop.

Hey Animal, tell me what resolution you would like and I will render up one without that ring.

Last update

Hey Animal, here is the image I promised that I would make for you. I hope you like it. Acer.