strange noise with an ibm t42p

i use blender on my laptop ibm t42p and when the scene become a little complex or when using subsurf to see textures on planes…i can hear a little noise coming from the inside of my laptop when rotating the 3d viewport !!

does anyone know what’s the problem ?

i noticed the same thing on my laptop it is an acer aspire 1500. I believe it is the condensators from the graphic card.

Laptop making noises, huh. Noises usually means something is moving. How much memory do you have on your laptop? Look at the top right part of Blender where it says "Mem: " and then some number. That’s how much RAM it’s using. If that number comes within 70-100MB or over the actual amount of RAM you have then it will use virtual memory. That’s your harddrive.

You’d be suprised how much subdividing a surface can do to your RAM. I tested it on my LOW polygon model (1156 faces) and with the texture (2048x2048) Blender takes up 20MB of RAM. After I subdivide the model by 4 it now takes 46MB of RAM. In a complex scene all of that stuff could add up really fast.

I guess it could be that too :). That would make more sense. Try to see if it makes those noises with 3D games as well. I know that laptops will power things on or off (and in between) when it’s needed.

my ibm t42p is 1000 MO ram with ati fire gl t2 (128m0) …
I will look how much memory is writen on blender…

like efbie, i think this noise is coming from the graphic card…

as i remember, never heard such a noise using 3d studio on my laptop…;.