Strange Normals Problem in X-files

I have been using Ben Omari’s X-file exporter very successfully now, but I just ran into a problem…I have this game character that I finished up today that has normals that won’t export properly. Since the exporter doesn’t like the Mirror Modifier, I did the mirroring the old-fashioned way, Alt-D and Flip Normals.

Now: I have everything the way it should be. I go to Export->All for the model with the Normals outside, but then they’re all inverted in the mesh viewer! Back in Blender, I flip all of them out so the wrong side of the mesh is out and press Export->All again, and they’re all the way they’re supposed to be.

I have no idea what’s going on here, will provide a screenshot/Blendfile/X-file if needed.

Thanks in advance.

is the scaling of your object negative on any axis?