Strange object

Okay, im very new to Blender (used it like 1 day). I got it like a week ago but all the buttons and panels and text that popped up scared the crap out of me so it tooko a week before i started.

Anyway, this is a normal cube that i extruded and when i was about to unselect the selected vertexes i slipped and accidentaly extruded it in some strange way up. I also extruded in a sort of hole in it, but it got very dark there so i added a lamp in there. After some simple subsurfing and texturing it looked pretty nice in the renderer. Added a UV-sphere that i subsurfed and textured, for me it looked pretty nice afterwards.

(I know i suck at this, but ive only used blender for like a day or two.)


Much better than my first ones! :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it up! (Probably took me a week or two to add a lamp…)

Thanks man! Awesome that theres not only 5 views.

Looks great, for my first render, was a cube G no texture, only got the texture thingy work after playing with it for 1 month or somthing, the second render was a ball :slight_smile: so u got both in the first render, and texture, u got a great head start

Thanks! Wow, 100 views!

Now it’s like 1500 views! Do something new!

Why does this thread have 1600 views?

Nice object, my first render looked like this:

It took me forever to find out what lights were.

Now that is funny Arr_matey!!!

Yes, funny but true.

When I downloaded an example file, I spent hours playing with the models becaue there were lights.