Strange OpenEXR behavior...

I’m outputting a 3k multilayered 32-bit openEXR file from Blender (which works great by the way). Blender’s compositor opens it and I can work with the layers. Everything is nice and zippy.

The problem is when I import the file into after effects. In AE, the file is unbearably slow to work with. And not only that, but the file comes in upside down.

Has anyone had any experience worlking with Blender-created openEXR files in AE? What could be going wrong here?

On a side note, I opened the same file in Shake, and got the same slow, upside down behavior.

Have you tried these, they work better than the one AE comes with out of the box. Not to say that it will solve your problem. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m using those, so no luck there, unfortunately.

Although this is going to be no use to you at all, I can confirm that Nuke also reads the multilayer exr (I’m using no compression, full float) but I have to put a mirror transform on it as it comes in upside down. Speed is not an issue though. Still very quick.

Straight exr’s come into Nuke correctly though.

So seems like exr support in Blender is not right.