Strange output Cycles render

So I was creating a lowpoly car, and when I added in the basic car body shader, this is what I got…And I have no clue why this is

Recalculate normals.

This does nothing, here’s a SS of what edit mode has

My next guess would be that those faces are just reflecting the gray background.
add a world texture or post up a blend for us to look at.

Looks like you’ve got double faces competing with each other.

How would I fix this? I’ve hit remove doubles and it didn’t remove anything…I’ve checked all the faces, and none are overlapping

You should just post up a blend file so we can look at it.
deselect the mesh, then hover the mouse over the mesh and hit L. Then move the selected mesh and see if there is a duplicate mesh hiding there.

I hit L, and grabbed it…the whole thing cam with it…L does the same thing as CTRL-L, by the way, but probably faster.
I couldn’t find any way what-so-ever, and I can’t upload it…there’s no button in the reply settings. unless you want the sketchfab version…?

Just click the “Image” icon to attach your blend file. The tool tip says “Insert Image” but blend files are accepted too.

Well, either my file is to big (1.5 MB) or something isn’t going right because it’s not letting me upload the file :confused:

It should work. The limit is 10 MB for the blend files and 2 MB for the images, IIRC. Try again… If it still fails, try to upload to and copy/paste the link into your post. (Their limit is 30 MB.)

Ok, here’s the like to the page after it was uploaded for 5 months
password is notapassword
hope this works
No, the post wouldn’t allow me to click the upload button…again

I new to this stuff but in my limited experience recalculate normal doesn’t work 100% of the time. Did you try displaying your normals and looking at each offending face individually and if needed manually flipping them? I’ve had to do that before when I’ve got things messed up.

edit: I downloaded the file and took a look at it. I removed the modifers first to give me a base mesh to work on and I found quite a few normals that were flipped, especially on the tail fin and a few very small faces behind where the door would close. I put on the mirror modifier after flipping the ones I could find (may be a few I missed still) and the render cleaned up. I think the headlight(?) area has a quad that is very non planar and is likely to give problems.

I would suggest temporarily removing the modifiers as I did and go through it face by face and make sure the normal are pointing the the correct direction.

Good luck, and that a nice looking ride.

The solidify modifier is the problem. Increase it a bit, or delete it.
Set it to the negative range

Looks like I was typing at the same time as you. I found removing the solidify modify made big improvements but there were still some issues that cleaned up when I reversed some normals on it.

WOW! Thanks guys! So the solidify was the problem-maker…hmm…but I’ve heard that you needed it when you do the glass because it won’t behave right if you don’t. Ill just separate them and then work on it like that. Setting it to negatives definitely helped. thanks again and problem [SOLVED] :slight_smile: