Strange Pause During Animation Loop

I was making a basic human rig as animation practice, and I managed to make a reasonably good looking walking animation (from my point of view at least). The problem is that every time the animation cycle finishes, there seems to be a slight delay before it loops again.

The animation itself consists of two steps, first with the left foot then with the right, before the character returns to its original pose. How can I make the animation seamless, without that annoying little pause between loops?

An animated .gif I made that shows the problem:

In an animation loop, the first frame and the last frame are the same pose so when you play your animation, at the end of the first cycle, the last frame is displayed then the first.
This means that, in this case, there is twice the same pose next to each other ; this explains the delay.

If you want your animation properly to loop, just read it from the first frame to the frame before last.

Thanks for the help. I suspected that was the case, but wasn’t sure if it was just the playback being slow. I did as you said, removing the last frame and tweaking the second-last. I’m still seeing a slight pause, but that might just because I’m expecting to see it.

What do you think?

I didn’t tell you to delete any keyframe, I said “read” your animation from the first frame to the frame before last.
This means, eg : If the first frame is frame 1 and the last frame is 16, you just need to change the final frame number for the render from 16 to 15 (the number called “end” on the bottom of the timeline or in the render tab).