Strange phenomenon when moving rigged and animated model away from bones


I’ve got a strange phenomenon when I’m trying to move rigged and animated model away from my bones. I’ve created armature and made an animation, everything works fine, but when I select my object in object mode and try to move it, the model distorts and moves strange, I really need to fix this, do anybody know how this phenomenon is called or know how to fix it? I would be grateful.

Have you parented your controlled mesh objects to the rig? (e.g. hand.left should be with a modifier AND be parented to the rig in object mode… hope this helps

you do this by selecting the meshes and then the rig in object mode and press Ctrl-P,
then the options panel that appear choose Object, and voila!!!
your meshes(or whatever object you control with the rig should move along with it, in object mode.
This is the right way to do it.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried to add Armature modifier to the mesh, and parent bones to mesh as Object, that didn’t helped :frowning:

strange, can you send a sample .blend?
by the way you should parent mesh to bones not the other way around :slight_smile: