Strange picture

(VelikM) #1

This picture has a problem
There are some sounds that can help you figure it out but you have to have the sound up pretty good, it’s a subtle thing.


P.S. I suggest you don’t have anything hot in your hands.

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(paradox) #2

Hard to comment on this, don’t know what to say except check it out, I had to look hard to find the thing that was wrong with it. When I did I had to laugh.

Thanks for sharing.


(dreamsgate) #3

Okay that woke me up big time. Don’t look at that picture unless you have been up a few hours. LOL which I wasn’t.

(sten) #4


made me jump a bit ROFL

(wavk) #5

Damn you! You scared the living daylights out of me;)


(VelikM) #6

It is a bit shocking, and you do really have to look close to see whats wrong with the picture.

(Friday13) #7

Hah! i already saw it :stuck_out_tongue: .It really woke me up (and i dropped the bottle of sulfuric acid that i was holding :stuck_out_tongue: )

And if that picture scared ya, then go to this site. This one should make you laugh :slight_smile:

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(paradox) #8

I’m near sighted I was about 6 inches from the screen looking at fine details and well you know the rest. LOL I immediately got my son to come check it out. Same result. Ha ha.


(stephen2002) #9

that is funny. I got a little jump out of it, and I don’t jump too easily.

As for what is wrong with the picture…it is the Mac on the table…right? :smiley: right?

(sara) #10

i almost had a heart attack!!!

(Nayman) #11


it was funny, cause i was looking away… woo. all i heard was, you know…

so then i had to wairt longer.

man ,there is so much wrong with that

(fullback) #12

Very nice, Mr. Smart Guy. I was holding my cat.

Damage is minimal. :slight_smile:

(VelikM) #13

I think I warned you not to have anything hot in your hands, maybe I should have included sharp objects ;). Which I consider cats to be, very sharp objects.

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(pofo) #14

I’m cool! didn’t scare me at at all 8)



(Nayman) #15

Whoever created that website is sick

(VelikM) #16

Yes they just might be. But did you see what was wrong with the picture?

(Nayman) #17

Of course, and i scared the hell out of me!

he he

i love it!
the monkey game is great too