Strange Pink Effect (bug?)

Ok this is very strange

In my model I hit “Set Smooth” and then added subsurf

Everything was just fine until I went back to editing… suddenly the four models that I made turned pink (bright pink)

Right when that happened Blender began to slow down and after two minute’s it stopped responding (I was forced to kill it)

Until I can fix this problem I can’t continue with this model :frowning:

Anyone know what has caused this to happen? (I kind of NEED those four models, mostly because they where the last thing’s for me to add before I could call this portion of the phase complete)

It’s slowing down because your Subsurf level was too high. It’s pink because that Mesh is in Edit mode with no verts selected and you pressed Apply in the Subsurf Modifier; you now have thousands of pink verts showing.



Any idea how I can get RID of those verticies so I can edit them without the slow down?

I think try and turn down the subsurf level?

Hit Ctrl-Z till you get back to before you Applied the Modifier.