strange pixels

I wonder whats happening here ?Whit textures its even whorse ? Any suggestion ?

Same problem here:

Thanks , now i know i am not the only one whit that problem!
But could it be the grafical-card ??

If you are referring to the black ring around the reflective sphere, could it be face normals?

I’d say this is a bug in blender and should be reported to the bug database. This is like the third to fourth post I ve seen that shows this behaviour.

papasmurf he’s referring to the black on the keys.

I’ve only seen that with experimental builds from graphicall. A few months back - Broken posted that he thought it was a compiler related error, I think. The only time I’ve experienced this was with a blurry reflections build.

You might try appending or linking your objects to a new file or renderinng with another build.