strange pointless sci-fi demo thingy-majjiggy

yeahh, i was playin with the GE and i started to make a game by accident, so i started to develope it, until it became a sort of demo, its not much, it just shows the basics of what i have so far, i wasn tgoing to post this until the blenderizer told me too…soo thanks blendy (playtests so far by blendy)

features include -

space particles,
working energy system,
weapons that depend on the energy system
boost that deopens on the energy system
sound effects
multiple veiwports
simple controls
Sweet lil blue thing that rotates hwen you do =]
music (got it from / until i can find or make better music)

its sorta big, but enjoy for now (P.S, took forever to find an uploader that worked ¬_¬)

(sorry, quality of attachements sucks)


Haha! That is a great setup there! You should keep working on this. Maybe a few more objects and some cool levels. I like how you incorperated a type of mini rotation viewer so you know which way your going. The only recommendation is that I think the ship should go a little faster (when your not pressing s). Good job!

lol thanks, you are too right about the ship speed, but it IS a frigate, and i am hoping to be able to choose your ship at the start, some will be fast, some will have difefrent energy capacitators (faster recharge, more overall energy ect)
thanks though!

youll be glad to know that the blenderizer has gladly accepted my proposal to be my first team member, so lets all say hi to him!!

alrighty, onto buisness, we have added some asteroids, and textured them 9texture kindly provided by blendy!)


WOW:eek:, those astroid look awsome:p, lol.
coming along nicely

we need a name - suggestions welcome!

Nice particles

Space Avenger

Space Serenity

Blast em

Reign from Above

Cammando Destructor (may need a bit of a story for this name)

These are just some random shots in the dark. If you need help with anything, I’ll see what I can do. Just let me know.

lol, nice names!

some minor updates, got that XY parenting script (thanks red!)

we are trying to make a sort of minimap, any tutorials would be appreciated


dude could you show me how to get the mouse look thing I need it

there you go, just follow the tutorial on it

short range battle sensors make it easier to spot targets, and to see objects and things being shot at you, easier than normal. - beware though, it takes about 50 energy to start up, and will gradually swallow energy while turned on, so when the nextd emo thingy come out, dont leave it on for too long! also, when i finish the cloaking system (enemys will have this too) tapping the sensor button will temporarily reveal them!


Any time bro. If you ever need any help, just call. :slight_smile:

actually, now you mention it…lol

is there a real simple way to make a minimap?i searched the forum and found a very simple code wich worked, but it massacred the framerate and made my pc bleep at 10,00000 decibals

Looks good. I look forward to seeing updated blend files with the new features.

uuhhmm yeah thanks, sorry about no updates in a while…there have been complications…

as the name suggests, im having a few troubles after upgrading to 248.1 blender.

sound effects like shooting and afterburner and beams play from the begginigng constantly until i pres the corresponding button, then it reverts to normal…im confuzzled

Edit: scrath that last bit, its fixed however the proton beams arent visible (or arent appearing) when i press the Rclikc button for them