Strange Precision Problem

This has been a problem for a while but I never thought to ask about it until now.

When I add a circle with 6 verticies in top view, I get this:

I always have to rotate the circle 15 degrees for it to be correctly aligned to the y-axis. Is this a bug or is there some reason blender does this?

anyone else get this problem?

Yep, same here.

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So i guess there’s no fix for this?

Uhm, why do you think it is a problem…?

Since I always work with 2^n sided meshes I haven’t even noticed that yet (might have to do something with that, actually…these meshes are perfectly aligned to the global axes. Might be happening due to the used algorithm?). Funny, but I personally don’t find it to be an utter annoyance.

I always thought that the programmers threw some screwy numbers at the intial objects (your polygon, bez curves, the cursor isn’t 0,0,0 in default setup, etc) to drive home the point that blender is a program for art rather than mechanical design… but I really don’t know.

It’s not really that big of a deal im just curious as to what is causing the problem. I mean honestly it takes less than a second for me to type r 15 Enter but its kinda strange that i have to do that in the first place. I’d like for everything to perform as expected. I dunno, that just me.

I noticed this today when I was making a low poly gun- doesn’t really bother me, since it’s easy to fix…

the ctrl and rotate is faster then typing in 15.

Meh, i like talking about how to do things faster.