Strange problem. Any Ideas??

It’s a strange problem with a mesh character I am doing in blender.

The spot lamp pointing at the figure lights-up the wrong side.
In other words, the back of the figure (which should be in darkness) is lit-up, and the front part is in darkness.

Maybe I’ve missed something stupid, but I can’t find anything that could be causing the problem.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

The .blend file (89K) is here:

( I sent it to ‘Fligh%’ a few days ago , as he offered to have a look, but I haven’t heard from him :frowning: )



And I looked at it for days and days and couldn’t find the reason. It seems to be only in Shaded mode.


You’re in shaded mode. Clic back to solid mode and it’s fine. Render and it’s almost fine…that stripe on the belly I’m still figuring out :-?

Ok…the weird block on the belly = if you switch off texture face under the material settings, it’s gone. Probably a ghost of something you tried earlier :wink:

Strange things happening with the shape keys; look at the whacky basis key. Plus if you remove all the keys and try Centre New, it adds another key back.

I wonder is this is some buggy side effect of modifying the mesh after adding shape keys. Did you happen to do this?

Could this be that this was all modelled under a shape key? It does something wicked when you remove it…gave me the chills :o

Is this an old Blender file?

The reason I ask, is that during trying various things, some of the panel displays were showing through one another, which is something I noticed happens when opening older files in Blender 2.40 .

Anyways, to correct:

[>] Select your character
[>] Switch the Outliner Window to an IPO Curve Window, and then change the ‘IPO Type’ dropdown selector from ‘Object’ to ‘Shape’
[>] Select the bottom basis key (chararacter deforms badly) and delete it. (character should recover) Then select the “top / second” key and delete that key.
[>] Switch to scale with respect to object mode by pressing the comma key [ , ]
[>] Scale the character by a factor of -1
[>] Switch out of Perspective view mode by pressing [5] on your Number KeyPad
[>] Switch to side view NumPad [3] and rotate your character 180 degrees
[>] Press Ctrl_a (Apply Size and Rotation).

Wow, scaled inside-out.

Is this something that happens generally with files made in older versions, or was it particular to this file?

Well not really scaled inside-out, just the Y axis has been inverted.

You can see this by activating Draw Extra: ‘Axis’ in the Object Buttons Window [F7] and switching to ortho and wiremode view mode - the Y axis is pointing in the negative direction.

Most likely just particular to this file.

Hi JarellSmith,

Thank you.


I think the mesh was a file of blender from maybe several years ago, it had to be a much earlier version.

I am new to blender and I have d/loaded 2.37 and then 2.4 which is what I used to modify this mesh. I have been trying several different things, trying to fathom out how blender works.
The display panels overlapping I noticed, and just thought it was a bug.

Your ‘step by step’ has worked and the mesh is now fixed, so thanks very much. (although it’s only experimental at the moment and not an important project)

So thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.