Strange Problem, Physics + Framerate Woes

I’m just working on setting up a new Zark model and control system for the next Zark game, but I’ve run into some problems with the engine. For no apparent reason, the game will suddenly drop down to about 3 frames per second, and as you can see from the profile, the physics calculation shoots up to almost 90%! Why is this happening? There’s nothing complicated here and there is practically no game world yet to speak of. This especially seems to happen when rounding the corner of the monolith. My only guess is the fact that I made the models very small (I was hoping that would make him fall faster.) Download the zipped .blend file below.

330 KB (blend file)

Well, it appears that the problem is somehow tied in with which direction he is facing, and usually occurs when he is turning. Watch: turn him around and you can see the physics calculation rising and falling as he faces different directions. I tried increasing the size of everything (selecting all and then scaling up), and at first I thought it helped but it didn’t.

Could this be caused by the vertex parent?

If someone could please help me with this, I’d be very grateful. I have no idea how to fix it and it’s obviously interfering with my work here.

Well, I took a look at the file and I noticed that at the camera view point the physics only got up when hes turned while facing left.

For me the FPS stayed around 60 and physics only went up to 38%, I don’t see a huge problem so far :-?

I tried it on my computer in Blender 2.34.

It runs smoothly without any problem, no matter what direction. Physics stays level at +/- 3%.

I like the mouselook update. Much better view all around.


i tried it too and it was running ok…framerate was yust normal.

Maybe the problem only occures in some blender versions, i tried version 2.34 , 2.37 and BlenderPublisher…they all worked fine…

That’s exactly when the problem occurs. That would be the -x axis. Your computer is probably better than mine. For me, it freezes up.
I’ve tried 2.4, 2.36, and 2.25. It worked fine in 2.25, but I don’t want to roll back to that. It’s so old, even if the engine is better. I’ll try some more versions.

2.37 - No apparent framerate problems, but physics still acts odd
2.33 - Game works fine

I’d rather not roll back to 2.33, though. It’s kind of old, and I’m sure it has game problems which I don’t remember. What I need here is advice on how to fix the problem, not a confirmation that it exists. I already know that. Why is this even happening? That’s what I’d like to know.

ah! exactly the same problem happened to me. I was using 2.36 as it’s when the engine is most up to date (and stable) I can’t work a way around it. But if you say that it works fine in 2.25 I might use that. Sorry but I have no idea what’s going on

might be something to do with our PC specs, what are yours?

I can never remember this off the top of my head, so these measures are approximate.
Soyo Dragon Lite motherboard
700 MB RAM
Pentium IV, 1.7 Ghz
Nvidia geForce card, a geForce 4 I believe
Windows XP (without Service Pack 2)

Also, I rotated the zark so that he walks along a different axis now. He doesn’t usually freeze up now, but you can still see a notable rise in physics calculation.

could be the GeForce 4 with win xp.

Go into the display properties and it shows your monitor and your card,

mine’s a GeForce 4 MX 420

Mine is a GeForce 4 MX 440… almost the same I guess. Tell me, did updating the driver work for you (if you’ve done it?) I’m on dialup, so downloading the new driver would be a chore.

I suggest going to and getting their drivers, they are by far the fastest and best drivers yet, way better (IMO) then the standard drivers for any type of card. The download may be slow, but you can download it when you’re doing something else.

If you have found a bug - you should post it in the bug tracker - developers only fix the bugs they know about.


nup it didn’t fix it :expressionless: seems to be out… Did anyone see 404 errors or problem contacting the server?

Looks like the collision detection on the mesh is switched on.
If you select all faces of the character mesh (skinned by the armature), and switch off collision detection (copy drawmode for all), the performance seems to be fine. Don’t know what happened with Sumo/Solid. I’m focussing on replacing all with Bullet collision/physics for future releases.