strange problem with proportional fallof


There seem to be something strange with my proportional fallof all of a sudden.
when i grab a bunch of vertices on a multiresolutionised plane and bring it up it gets these strange edges as you can see on the pictures. can anybody tell what i am doing wrong maybe i activated some setting that i am unaware of because blender did not do this before. I really need some advice on this :frowning:

Use the normal proportional falloff instead of Connected. Press O.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a limitation of the algorithm.

i would think its some kind of bug because if you think about it, it does not make any sense that it does this, i do not see any purpose that the connected fallof is like that, i know the normal fallof is fine, but this seems strange to me.
do you think this should be reported as a bug?

It might make sense if the distance is counted along the connecting edges rather than the absolute distance of the points. I haven’t tested this, it’s just my intuition. It’s no big deal and you don’t really notice it outside corner-cases like this.