Strange problem with Rigify

Evening all, I’m having issues using the rigify add-on.

1 - When I add the armature, it only goes up to about the knee of the model and lays along the y-axis(as if it were face-down on the ground).

2 - After scaling up the base rig and positioning it(I believe the only bone I rolled was the thumb, aside from that it was all scaling and repositioning), the generated rig is again only about knee-height on my model(standing up this time, however). This causes numerous issues when I attach the rig to the model(head doesn’t move, duplicate hand and foot parts that do nothing, hand and finger bones not lined up properly, heels don’t move)

I’m using Blender 2.71, and I have the option turned on to auto-run python scripts. I’m adding the rig to the base mesh(maybe getting ahead of myself a bit, but I wanted to get a basic understanding of rigging), if that makes any difference.

Any ideas as to what might be causing these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Did you scale it up in object mode or edit mode? Don’t scale the metarig in object mode. Just scale the bones directly in edit mode.

I didn’t think I did, but I must have. So now my issues with size and things not lining up are fixed, thank you. The generated rig is laying on its back, but rotating it makes everything line up nicely. Would this cause issues down the road?

I do still get the non-functional duplicates of the parts that move the hands and feet, is this a big deal or no? Here’s a screenshot of what I mean. I moved the duplicate part out to make it more visible, it ordinarily lays directly on top of the actual functional part.

Those are not duplicates, they are controls for chains that you do not currently have activated. In the properties panel you have different bone layers and different chains that can be switched between IK and FK. If the chain is set to FK, the IK controller bones will do nothing. That’s what you have there: controller bones for a currently inactive posing style on that chain.

Ah, that does make sense. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: