Strange Problem with UVs

I’m attempting to make a soccer ball with eyes and a mouth. I’ve modeled everything, made all my shape keys, and I’m now running into problems with the texturing. I baked out a normal map and diffuse map for the soccer ball pattern, and put it on my model. It looks great…until I begin to use my shape keys. whenever he smiles/frowns/whatever, the textures become distorted. Is there a way to have my UV layout mirror the movements of the vertices on my model? If that was possible, then there would be no distortion when the ball changed expressions.

If that’s not possible, does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should deal with this? Any help would be appreciated!

question, are you using a subsurf modifier?, and if so, did you unwrap it with subsurf on or off? if off, try it again with subsurf on, set to the level you will be using for the render.
(edit) if that’s not the problem, try putting up a screenshot so we can more clearly assess the issue.

Yes, I do have a subsurf on my mesh, and it was on (at the desired level) when I unwrapped everything.