strange problem....

I am trying to understand armatures in the game engine.
I took a letter (?) and converted it to mesh.
I made an armature inside and connected the two with Ctrl+P.

Then i made some animated steps with the armature, everything goes well.

Now i like to make an other object with an armatur.
I took the same steps, and nothing happends in the game engine.
In the editmode and when i render it, it works OK.

What’s wrong?


In the realtime buttons you need to set somthing up to tell the mesh to move in realtime.

A) Add an ‘always’ sensor
B) Add an ‘and’ controller
C) Open up the action window and find out the name of your armature animation (it wil probably be called ‘action’ or somthing like that)
D) Add an ‘action’ controller and set the name/start/end to comply with your armature action.

E) Link the blocks up and press P

and it should work…

:-? Well i do something wrong but what…
The questionmark animation works good in realtime, but the next object a cylinder wont do.

Please help.


Add the verticies of the cylinder to thier vertex groups, so the bottom verticies should be added to Bone, then the next to Bone.001 etc

Just do that and it will work

You’ve done it for the question mark but not the cylinder, I just tried it and the animation looks real good, great job :smiley:

Can i find a step by step tutorial somewhere?
It won’t work so i do something wrong .