strange problem

this problem occurs with 2.48a

when i try to select multiple vertices with hotkey B nothing happens as i dont get the drag box appear

also while trying to access the hotkey reference i get a error shown below


Better post it on the bugtracker.

Okay, I am pretty sure I already posted, but hasn’t shown up (this has happened once before!)

This is a problem with graphics, that is your graphics card or maybe Vista. Try upgrading your drivers, and try disabling Aero.

huh. I get same error, on Windows Vista, when Help->Hotkeys… and Hel->Common IOR Values (line 224). I do not have aero active (Vista Classic instead) and I have a great graphics card, up to date drivers. bug confirmed. Editing the file in Python indicates the issue is with the e with the accent, and some German letter in line 80ish. o with umlaut i think it is called. The good news is that killing those two lines the script runs fine.

Something changed in Python where you need to indicate that a file contains iso extended character set?

Check out for

# coding: utf-8

in line #2.

If doesn’t exist just add it.

Thanks, I had been wondering how to fix that. Though I didn’t take out the whole line, just the ‘Degrees’ symbol.