Strange red and black colours?

When I’m using blender in edit mode only, it randomly changes to a black background and makes edges red.

Anyone seen anything like this before? :confused:

yes, I get that every time I bake any textures, I do not know what it is though.

Maybe it something in the water you’re quite close to me :wink:

ye, the next county.

I can tell you, it’s not the water. I get it too. I think it’s an issue with Graphic card drivers. Do you perhaps both have Nvidia cards? (I do)

This occurs to me only when baking stuff. And even then only sometimes.
I get the same-ish problem when I try to boot Crysis Warhead, Black screen with red cursor.

no, I have an Intel GPU - the blender downloads page has a waning!

Users with Intel on-board graphics: some graphics operations (menus or border select) don’t show due to driver bug.

Just something that I wanted to ask someone;
I have a HP G70 laptop, is there any way I can change the graphics card?
Its rather easy with desktops, as most graphics cards fit the case, but how about laptops?
also my graphics card is an Intel ‘mobile’ chipset, can I get an ATI or Nvidia ‘mobile’ chipset and put it in place of the intel one?

I do use an Nvidia card but it never did this before?

I’ve been using blender for about 4-5 months and its only started doing it in the last couple of weeks???

have you tried an older version of blender? it could be blender 2.49

try updating your drivers