Strange red colour in render

Hi. I heard about the Google colab rendering cloud and how you can also use Cycles X in the cloud for fast rendering. I followed a tutorial on how to do this. However, I faced a problem in my render.

In my scene, I have a room with red water flowing into it. However, there are a few ceiling lights (planes with emission material) shining a yellow light. When I rendered the animation, I looked at the room and it seems that there is red light shining instead of yellow. I tried to change the yellow light to plain white light, but the render had the same red light effect. I don’t know what to do. Is there something wrong in my project? Is there something wrong with the Cycles X engine?

Unfortunately, I’m a new user, so I can’t upload any attachment. It would be really nice if anyone can help.

The tutorial I followed

Cycles-X is now merged into the Blender 3.0 master branch where it’s now just called the current Cycles version, so there’s no need to use experimental branches anymore (apart of course from using the latest 3.0 Alpha version). Also the new Cycles has been undergoing pretty much daily changes so if you’re still using something called Cycles-X then you’re probably a couple weeks behind at least. It’s quite possible you are running into a bug. If you download the same version of Blender and try to render locally does it work? Get the latest 3.0 Alpha and try that.

Remember that Blender will render missing textures as magenta (Think of the M in Magenta as standing for “Missing”) so if you’re getting magenta in your render it could also come down to a missing texture file.

Hi, thks for your reply. Could you send the download link for the Cycles X master branch Linux version? I can’t seem to find it in the website.

For the textures part, I know what you mean. I’ve gotten that when I have a missing HDRI environment. But the thing is even the plane that has the emission material (to act as a ceiling light) is shining the red light. Also, the thing is the colour is not pink. It is a dark red colour, like blood, which is similar to the colour of my liquid

Can you post a screenshot?

The buildbot site
Blender Builds -

Go to the Linux tab and you will find the latest 3.0 build for your system. There has been a lot of bugfixes since the merge, so test with the newest build and see if the color is still there.

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Hi, nevermind I found out what the problem was. When I was rendering using the Google Colab, for some reason my baked fluid was not rendered and for some reason, was instead freed (if you know what I mean). My fluid had the same red colour, so when it became a domain (after being freed), it resulted in the scene also having the red tint.

I solved it by putting my fluid cache file in the same folder where my .blend file and textures were.
Thks for the help anyways