Strange results in rendering

Hi, everybody !
I’m a newbie with Blender, so please excuse such a question.
I’m creating my first scene in Blender, and as far as I can see there is a model (a boat), a camera and a lamp. See attachment. I have even added the sun and checked that the boat is inside the camera’s field-of-view.
Yet when I hit F12 all I get is a plain and empty blue background. How come ? I use Blender 2.49.


Could you attach a .blend file? Do you see your boat when you switch to view from camera (Numpad 0)? One of possible causes is that your boat is either too near, or too far from camera and is being clipped

Done. Thanks in advance. :o


Hydra.blend (174 KB)

I checked your blendfile. The problem is that you have set the alpha value on every material to 0, making everything fully transparent. Just go through all your materials and raise the alpha to 1. This makes the boat visible again.

so happy blendin’ :smiley:

Thank you so much,folks ! :smiley: