Strange rotation in model when exported

Hi everyone!

I am having a few issues with a character animation that I have done for a game.

I am exporting using COLLADA, and now I have finally managed to export the animation out, there is this very odd rotation happening whenever I play the animation.

In PreFab when I import the model and animation and play it, the character does a 180 degree spin and then stays there. When it is actually imported into the game the animation is all skewed too.

Rotating the character in edit mode doesn’t seem to fix this issue or actually change the rotation at all, no matter which direction I set it.

If anyone can help me with this I would be super greatful. Thanks!

What engine are you exporting to?

We’re using Away3D


I have managed to stop the model from rotating. But the model still moves downwards. However, the centre point and the bounding box stay in the same place.

This means that when the model is imported into the game it is a lot further down than it should be, making selections a pain as you are having to adjust to the offset which is really not easy to use.

Does anyone know how to stop the animation from jumping down?

Or does anyone know a way to make the bounding box and the pivot point go down with it as well?

Anyone? ): The issue is still unresolved unfortunately… ):