Strange selection mode

Hi all!
I am still a novice at Blender and I am sure it might be a one key press fix for my problem, but here it is:
I was texturing an object and pressed some key (can’t remember which) that caused the object to show up in all white when I am in object selection mode. I double checked to see if a valid texture is on the object, by rendering it out. The texture shows up fine. I can also create another object, texture it and it shows up fine in editing mode. For some reason this one object seems to be stuck in some weird mode, that makes it draw all white when in editing mode.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

hm try “f” - as face select mode. not really thought as a meshediting tool, but rather for uv-mapping. f toggles this mode. when activated, the selected mesh shows up white.

hope this helps

No that didn’t seem to work :frowning:
I am definitely in object mode and f is reserved for “make face” in edit mode. Any other ideas?
Thanks, Alex

well I was going to suggest you had hit the F key, but now i’m thinking maybe you hit the V key for vertex paint mode. Hit V again to toggle it off.

It’s the ‘F’ key.
I am seeing the same effect.
I like to simplify things when investigating a problem.
So, new file => add mesh (cube), hit keyF for UV Face Select mode.
In Textured (potato) view, Object Mode, the cube appears white.
All other view modes are o.k.
I can’t get rid of it but as yet it hasn’t been an obstacle.


You’re not alone. nothing worse than a stray key stroke to screw you up.

When you press the F-key (UV) and don’t assign a texture to the object it appears white in texture mode until you either add a texture or delete it.

Try this,

with your object selected go to editing(F-9).

Under the Mesh tab click the “TexFace” delete key.

This should remove the white look (and any textures) that are related to having pressed the “F” key.

For anyone watching.

Thanks Room335.