Strange shading problems caused by normal map

I may not set the image to Non-Colour before baking using the technique presented in the tutorial from Blender Guru.

The baking was made on 2.79b but I have the blend file from that version. I’ll need some time to play around with baking before I’d send you file with high poly mesh. Thanks for helpy you gave me so far

It is possible that it got buggy in 2.8. I don’t think it’s supposed to use the view transform when baking, so since this Blender Guru tutorial was made in 2.79, he may not have needed to set it to non-color prior to baking.

So how did it turn out? I’m curious to know if I guessed right or not.

Is it possible that you created the image as 32bit float in the UV editor? It’s gonna be 32bit linear then and looks like yours. Try to create a blank without the 32bit option checked. Also see on the upper right panel in the UV editor, if the correct colorspace is selected.

Yes, I had 32 bit float option enabled in the UV editor. Thanks for pointing that out. It could be reason why my normal map doesn’t work as it should without changing texture node to sRGB.

I didn’t switch colorspece to Non-Color either in upper right panel in the UV editor.

I didn’t have time to mess around in high poly mesh this week. I have to match high poly mesh with low poly one (I changed groin in low poly mesh after baking normal map). I’ll try to get this done today.

I’m confused. The file you provided contains an 8bit PNG image. Plus PNGs don’t go higher than 16bit. Did you first save the image in another format and convert it to png?

I’m confused too. I saved normal map in PNG format.

So why did you say you had 32 bit float option enabled in the UV editor? There’s no such option if your image is a png.

I think this guide can clarify a bit.

If you work with 32bit exr files, you can also use the Nvidia normal map tools in Photoshop with a “normalize” pass.

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When you create new image in UV Editor you have this option:

I check 32 bit Float when I created an empty image for normal map baking. I didn’t know I have to switch its colour space to Non-Colour (sRGB was as default). Baked the normal map. Then I saved the baked normal map as PNG file.

Thanks for the guide :slight_smile:

I don’t own Photoshop.

I really wonder what’s the point of using a 32bit float normal map. An 8bit normal already has roughly 65 thousand possible orientations. Unless you want to zoom on your texture like crazy or render in 8k, there’s not going to be a noticeable difference. Not to mention that pixels are interpolated anyway.

The guide will also tell you why. Thoose Map types have a computation purpose, the same as for hdr. They are not like a diffuse map with with visual output.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but we are looking at pixel shaders here, what means 65k orientations are way too low, as the orientation is per pixel, not per vertex.

Ok I see now. Although, you will only see artifacts on very smooth surfaces. I doubt you would notice anything on a character like the one @Lewiatan made.