Strange shading with normal map

I’m not really sure what to call this, hence why I’m posting here. Tried a few phrases with no luck. Could i just need to rework my unwrap? Map isn’t quite lining up, plus that super obvious shadow area.

Edit: Non-color Data…duh. But still isn’t lining up with the mesh correctly.

Add a texture coordinate node and run the UV into the vector input of your texture node. As a note, you won’t have to do this with the principled shader. Another thing is that your map won’t display correctly until the out of range areas are fixed (the brightly colored areas on the map). It’s a ray depth setting in the baking options.

Ahhh, okay. Texture Coordinate node makes sense. But on the note of the out of range areas, I’ve tried multiple settings on the Ray Distance with no luck. Thought it might have been because the angle was to hard but it wasn’t, shortened the depth of that part of the mesh as well. Cant seem to fix it. Any ideas on a fix or what causes that?

Not sure without seeing where it is coming from. It may just be a tight creased area(?)

You need to change the image color space to ‘non-color data’. If it stays on ‘color’, Cycles will treat it as a color and apply color transformation to it. But as in normal maps each pixel represents a non-color value (it’s an encoded vector), then you should use it as it is.

Yeah figured that out in the first post, well rather remembered to do that lol. Still haven’t fixed the ray issue but the normal placement looks perfect now. Thanks for the explanation!