Strange size difference in background images


As you can see in those two screen shoots,there is a size difference from Right Ortho to Top Ortho.Both images have the same size(5)…the only difference is that I rotated the one image 90* ccw,but that should not have made a size difference.
I hope any one knows my mistake.
Thanks in advance^^

P.S.Thats a little off topic but I don’t want to make an extra post:Is it normal that when I some in to the image(2232x1858) that it gets totally leggy(maybe 1 fps or so)?
I have 2 GB of memory ,a intel Pentium Dual-Core [email protected] GHZ and a ATI Mobility radeon x1400.

You can downsize your reference images to half or better and get them to fly in the viewport. I don’t have an answer on the first question, though.

Hey thanks for your answer,but I got one problem with downsizing the image,if I do so I lose all the detail:(
I Guess the only solution would be upgrading my system or waiting until some one fixes the performance.

Dose any one have a Idea on my first problem?

reduce to a size that doesn’t lose detail, then - what is your size of monitor anyway? If the image is bigger than your monitor, it doesn’t seem like it would do much to reduce to that size at least.
As for the first problem - are you using the images on empties in the new way, or as background images the old way?

Monitor size is 1280x800 (old laptop xD),so it would not make a big deal down sizing it if I would not zoom in to get the nice detail.
And to answer the second question: I am using the background images the old way.I must say I have never herd of the new way…can you maybe give me a link to a tutorial or something ,so I can look in to that?
Thanks so much for your help!

No tutorial needed really - in 2.58, you can add an empty, and then in the buttons menu you can select the empty to be represented by an image, and then scale it up and down to line it up to what you want.

Because they are empties, you can position them and rotate them, and see them on the other side, and they don’t dissappear when you change to wire frame in edit mode.

I tried it and sadly this rely dose not work on my low end system…even if I don’t zoom in I get a total leg(with a high res Image).But thanks any ways!I might use this with low res images or when I get my self a new PC.
Oh,and I am rely sorry for this total late reply…I just had no time at all the last two days.

There are usually size differences when dealing with reference images from one view to the next. If you watch tutorials from other packages, those people suffer from the same thing. The best thing to do is pick the view from which to work with. The other thing is to resize the image in the viewport itself by using the size tools in the background image dialogue…

You can do this for independent views, of course, but it sounds like you have already gone this route(?). Rarely do these images match due to the fact that one image may be at a slightly different scale than another, or due to cropping of one image during of after the scan in and so on. There are many reasons for this, but in general, when following prints from a model car instruction book, there is no reason for the printer to print all images to a standard scale, they just need all of the view to fit on the page.

The image size that you are talking about may make the computer laggy, due to the fact that the laptop shares its memory with the video card, and it may run out of paging memory. But the image size that you speak of is less than 10 megapixels in total matrix size, so it shouldn’t be that taxing on the system, but maybe the card isn’t able handle images of that size and above very well.

Hey thanks for your reply:)
Both images should have the same size as they both are the same image,the only difference is that I rotated the one image in photoshop.
And I just think you might have helped me a lot…the images are in .JPG and if I remember right .JPG loses resolution with each saving/modifying.So that might be the problem.I will now try and make the image as .png.If it works I will let you all know:)

Normally my video card can handle images in this size and even much bigger ones ( in Gimp,Photochop,windows image viewer,etz.).Just blender has a total leg:(…
My Video card is a ati mobility radeon x1400