Strange spikes appearing on model after using subsurf

Hello everyone
I started using blender a couple of days ago, and I tried to make this low poly model. (Sorry, I can’t post more than one image)

My problem is, when i used the subsurface modifier, the model came out like this:

Is there something I did wrong during the modelling to end up having those rough spikes on the model? I tried smoothing the vertices but it does not solve the problem

Here is a copy of my project

Thank you in advance. :pray:

You have nonmanifold geometry. Recalculate your normals. Select all and Shift-N.

Nonmanifold geometry is this kind of stuff:

It will usually cause problems. You have the third kind.

There’s also a special “Face Orientation” overlay in the viewport settings that you can use to check for this.


Thank you very much!

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You also have a bit of a topological mess on the top of the head, so you have to clean that up :slight_smile: