Strange strobing when animated......

I’m a noob to blender.The first thing I’ve done in this wonderful package is to make animations out of simple scenes and move/rotate my simple models or move cameras around. - but I keep getting a strange strobing effect on some surfaces, and have tried changing material properties, subsurfs, lighting and textures to fix it but it often just won’t go away. I think maybe I’m making the models incorrectly…:confused:

When a single frame is rendered it looks okay, but when I then render a sequence of frames to get an animation, the huge changes from frame to frame appears as an unpleasant strobing and I’ve had to use motion blur and other tricks to hide it.

-Can anyone offer any suggestions?

-jpg of my giant space-bunny and his stroboscopic eyes attached!

-I could also post a link to a blend file if that’d help.



Welcome to the forums! Two possibilities come to mind - Normals or duplicate surfaces.

In Edit mode, select all verts, then Ctrl n…recalculate outside.

Also, in Edit mode, select all verts, then press w…remove doubles.

Best of Luck!

Wow! an instant reply! what a great forum!
hmmm, neither suggestion fixed it.
I’m running blender 2.45 on XP SP2 , just in case thats relevent.
I’ve just deleted just about everything else apart from the problematic eyes, and its STILL doing it.
Its also happened on simple cones and cylinders.

I bet I’m doing something reeaaallyy dumb!

I’ve stripped the blend file down to just the strobing eyes… does the forum allow me to post a link to the file online or attach it?

No, the site only allows image files. To post blends, you’ll need to register with some free file hosting site, and then post the download link here. I use eSnips, but there are a lot of them. Search under “free file hosting.”

I have made myself a webpage that contains a little vid of the strobing eyes and the blend file to download. Its at:-


I think you had some combination of “Set Smooth” and “Set Solid” for your verts. Basically, all I did was to edit each mesh, select all, and click the set smooth. I also tried it with all verts Set Solid, and the flickering stopped, but Set Smooth" is probably what you want.

Best of Luck!

Thats fantastic! thank you! That weird effect has blighted four or five scenes so far…
I shall try that on each of them. - Many Thanks and Big Respect.

Actually, I think OBI_Ron meant to say that he set the “AutoSmooth” button.

The problem is that you are trying to set faces smooth that are 90 degrees with respect to one another.

Other than the ‘Auto Smooth’ button, you could also split the tops off of the cylinders by selecting the cylinder end faces and pressing [y], or you could add an ‘edge split’ modifier.
Any will correct it.