Strange Subsurf Issue


Please see the attached image, when i apply subsurf to my mesh some areas end up like the picture, and i can’t seem to fix it. Every time i try to connect those malformed edges they just continue to curve into the vertex…

Poor topology.

Just slapping in large ngons (faces with more than 4 edges), especially on a curved surface will give poor subsurf results with pinching and artifacts.

You need to put more thought into planning what you do. You will get best results with quads (preferably square) that ideally flow with the line of any curved surfaces

i think i follow what you mean, it seems too difficult to try fix this so im going to start again and think a bit better :slight_smile:

It’s doing it again, look at the two images here, one is without subsurf and one with. I don’t see where the geometry is bad? Its all nicely connected like the rest of the mesh…any ideas?

Note where you have the problem you have a vertex connected to 5 edges.

Upload your blend file to and tell us the download link. Someone may then take the time to look at the file to see where it could be improved.

Yeah, you need a face loop following the edges (green). It’s the supporting edge loop that keeps it from deforming badly.

You can put poles (vertices with 3, 5, or more edges connected) on the blue area to redirect face loops from one area to another, if needed. Can’t say where exactly because only that part is visible and I don’t even know what it is.