Strange Texture Checkering in Cycles

Hey everybody,

I’m sure this is something stupid, but I can’t figure it out, and haven’t had any luck searching for a solution.

I was testing some textures, and ran into a strange problem you can see illustrated below: In the 3D Viewport in Texture View, the texture shows up with a weird checker pattern that isn’t on my texture. In Solid View, the checker pattern is gone, but it’s still there (although fainter) in Render View. You can even see it on the stomach, which doesn’t have a material or texture at all.

I’m not seeing any duplicate meshes or vertices that could be showing through this one, and I tried both re-creating the material and upgrading to 2.68 to see if that helped, and no luck so far. Switching to Smooth Shading doesn’t work, either, and actually seems to make it worse.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?


Okay, looks like it was something simple - somehow the normals got off.

If anyone else runs into this, select all the vertices and hit Ctrl + N.