Strange Texture Colors

Hey, guys… I got a small problem. Whenever I get a texture all set up and ready, it turns out that one of the colors that blends with the texture is pink by default, while the other one is whatever I have chosen. Say I’ve got a wood texture, and set to Bands. Well, one of the bands in that texture will be pink, and the other will be the one I’ve selected. Sometimes pink is good, I guess… but not every time. Does anyone know how I can change this? Thanks a lot. :]

Dude, shut your computer down immediately, That’s the BetaBlenderV2 Virus and it will kill your cpu!,

Just Kidding. Go to the map input tab in the materials buttons and either change the color with the color picker ar deselect the Col button and use the lumavalues of the texture to alter the image.

Hahaha, had me scared there for a second. Thanks a lot, that helped… and now I feel lame for not having realized that before lol. :]