Strange texture issue

Hey there! happy new year to everybody!

Does anybody know why i get this strange darker squared pattern on the texture i exported from substance? Never happened before to me…

Muting the height map it disappear so the issue i think it comes from there.

Thanks and soon,

Immagine 2021-01-15 154819

It’s the displacement. Assuming you’re using Cycles - You’ll need to head over to the right hand panel, to your material settings, and then scroll down until you find Settings. There, you should see under the Surface sub menu an option for Displacement. If it’s set to Bump Only, you’ll need to set it to Bump and Displacement. That should fix it :slight_smile:

yes is cycles, sorry.
looks like this solve the issue. tae a look at the screenshots…
what you think of the nodes?

thanks buddy!

You don’t need to have a normal map and a bump node. Pick one or the other, and if it’s an actual normal map, you only ever need to connect it to the normal input. Don’t worry about the height.

Also, make sure the midlevel for the displacement node is set to 0. Most normal maps have a mid level of .5 which for some reason is 0 in Blender (From my experience).

ok thanks a lot!