Strange texture map baking issues that I can't explain in substance painter

I wish I had more information or a better explanation for what the issue is but I’m just currently trying to bake my high poly to low poly and it seems to be giving me this weird artifacts that no matter how much I change the parameters inside the baking settings, it won’t change.

Have a look:

The models
(It’s a slice of a wheel of cheese)

Hi Poly

Low poly

What I’m getting inside of a substance painter

The normals correctly oriented on the model and they have materials assigned to them. I just can’t
this explain enough. I don’t even know what to input on Google start seeking help.

Scales applied?

Yeah. I just double-checked. Still the Same issue

Are the face orientation correct!? Of high poly…

I would re-model your low-poly as it looks from the image that you have Non-Planar faces. if you look closely you can see the same edging artifact on your Blender Version, just not as sharp…
Model something like this…( simplify )…

Then try a Bake in Substance…

I’m not sure this is the only thing responsible for your issues, but SP triangulates differently than Blender does. That affects UV interpolation for anything with any UV distortion (which is almost everything.) The longer and skinnier the quad, the stronger the effects of different triangulation, and you have some long skinny faces. I believe it will affect your UV tangents as well. You shouldn’t be using a quad model in SP.

They are :frowning:

I gave it a shot I’m still having the same issue. Thank you for the suggestion, tho!

Well everyone, I figured it out. So apparently there was an issue with the material that I assigned to the low-poly mesh. I just had to get rid of the original material and create a brand new one and not touch it. Somehow it was able to fix the issue and substance rendered it out just fine.

Thank you everyone for trying to help me out I really appreciate it.

my final result cheese: