Strange Texture Problem When Exporting to FBX

Editing a model for usage in a personal project of mine in Blender 2.8 Eevee. Everything is fine texture wise until I port it to FBX, and the textures all are completely uniform when I open it even though they’re already assigned and labeled in the previous. I consulted a few YouTube tutorials on the subject, such as using the path mode: copy attempt. But nothing has seemed to work. I even baked the texture and nothing changed, although I could have potentially done it wrong.

Am I missing something? Pic included.

Have you tried packing everything in blend file?

I did and even attempted it again after this suggestion just to see if it would work. Is there a particular way to go about setting up the nodes/textures that I’m not aware of?

You said you had tried copy attempt. After that did you embed the texture?

Did that and it worked actually. Apologies for late reply.

No problem