Strange thing about "remove double" and "Merge"

Hi guys,

In this case blender confused me.

I add cube -> select it (object mode)-> scale it set Y=0,

Now it becomes a plane. -> go to Edit mode and select vertice of one conner
Remove double, it showed “removed 0 vertices”
But if I merge it, blender told me “removed 1 vertices”

If I scaled cube to plane in Edit mode, “remove double” and “merge” gave same result of “removed 1 vertices”

If you scale in object mode the mesh vertex coordinates do not change. They are merely multiplied by the scale factor before being displayed or rendered. If you press ctrl-a (in object mode) the scale factor gets applied to the vertex data and remove doubles will work as expected. Of course scaling in edit mode directly changes the vertex coordinates.


GreyBeard, althoght I didn’t 100% understand " vertex coordinates", I know you are right. Thank you for your exlaination & teaching me “Ctrl-a”.
Is there any chance “vertex non-coordinates” will be special skill to help us?