strange thing happen to the windows in blender

ok, so i upgraded from 2.56 to 2.57b but when i open blender it only shows 1 window:

l Blender l<---- it only shows one of these windows instead of two, it doesnt have the console like in blender2.56, what do i do?

Under the Help menu, there’s a ‘Show Console’ option. Select it, and the console window will appear.

Do you know if they plan to add an option to the User Preferences for console display?

thank you.

@Cliven - You’re welcome.
@Riyuzakisan - No, I’m not sure. Why would you want it in the User Preferences? To always have it open, rather than have to click on it every time (which is a tiny bit annoying)?

It would be more convenient than having to open the console each time, just one of those small preferences. It would probably be better if they made a script panel mode in the Editor type drop down menu that would print script messages while running the GE, so everything would be kept in one Blender window.