Strange transparent circle I can't get rid of, help.

I’m in the middle of working on a moderatly high detailed model, during the process I had to Seperate some vertices from others, but after I did that and re-centered the newly seperated objects, one of them has a transparent circle that’s always the size of the center circle in a seemingly random place when compared to the mesh. The transparent circle always stays in the middle of the work screen, and will not go away no matter what I try. I’ve made sure the object in question is static, I’ve Center New’d, but nothing’s removing it.

It’s highly distracting to always have a “hole” right in the center of your mesh, no matter what part of the mesh you’re viewing.

Please help.

EDIT: I just tried restarting my computer to see if it was a RAM/cache problem, but it did not fix the problem.

Attach .blend file.

I would have already, but the model is uh… HIGHLY adult in nature, I do not think it’d be smart to upload it to a public forum.:no:

Is there anything I can describe further that might help solve the problem?

Is clipping occurring? I believe the default is (in metric) 10cm - 1km.

No, Clipping and rough geometry are the two things I make sure never happen, as both have an extremely heavy impact in the program I intend to use the model for.

Here’s an idea…
Delete the naughty polygon bits and save as a copy.
Attach the less explicit version.