Strange uv issue. Some faces invisible, some visible?? --Solved--

I’m sorry for opening a new thread on this work of mine, but this particular issue is so strange that it might be helfpfull to inaugurate a thread of its own.

Im trying to do a mask by using Texture paint on the faces. Problem is I only see some faces when working with UV. When i work on the visible faces i see the painting instantly, when working on invisible faces i only see it on the Uv window…

Why arent all the faces visible???

And when looking at these other pictures you can see that the faces that cant be seen inside the shape can be seen outside it, and vice versa. whats hapening? Any clues?

weird huh? I searched but no luck

Thanks in advance.

You probably have your face normals all pointing different sides (you can check in edit mode by turning on draw normals in edit1 buttons). To solve, select all faces in edit mode and hit ctrl-n or ctrl-shift-n if the first makes it inside out :slight_smile:

Ctrl + N does’nt always work if you merged vertex points by hand. In those cases you’ll have to select the little rebels on an individual basis and press W>Flip Normals.

thank you all for your suport. It worked.

lol We have all been there, come on admit it guys.