Strange view/render issue with edges/vertices when at certain angles

Hi, I’m using v2.93.5 and have noticed a strange rendering issue in the viewports, but only at specific angles. Normally you see the vertices and lines rendered above the faces, however if I move hte viewport by a few degrees it seems to render in the reverse almost, with the vertices and lines half occluded by the faces, which makes selecting them rather a pain!

I don’t know if this is some strange setting I’ve turned on by mistake, but if anyone knows what the issue could be I’d be grateful for any insight!

Before and after moving by just a degree or so:

Am I missing something in the setup of the file, or is this an actual issue? Still reasonably new to Blender, have played around with it for a number of years (for low poly modelling), but definitely loving the UI refresh :slight_smile: