strange warp behavior

I was using warp tool and I got a question. it seem that the warp tool only work in certain condition. I mean only in the front view and with the object has to lay horizontally? Is that normal or i miss something?

Nope. Warp, like spin, and a few other things, depends on an axis basically projected from your eyeball thru the 3d cursor. That’s why some commands in the buttons make you click on a 3d view if you have more than one active.

Anyway, this is how I use warp:

Nice post Star Weaver, I followed the tutorial in the manual for the warp tool and found that it failed to mention the fact that you do have to offset the object from the 3D cursor in order to experience the circular effect.

Yeah … and it seems to only want to work if the object is above or below the cursor. When I tried something simple (bunch of ctrl-r loops) with the cursor to the left, it just wanted to turn it into a cone or something ^_^.