Strange... was this intended?

I was browsing around in the gallery and one image in particular caught my eye. It was this one…

Does anyone notice anything strange about this image? I wonder if this was intended…

P.S. If you still dont see it, there’s the word fuck in all caps on the top right side. You cant miss it.

Yikes, I didn’t notice that when I checked out the new gallery pics a little while ago.:confused:

whoa, that’s weird… probably intended to be graffiti, since it’s a subway.

Very strange.

looks pretty intended to me

i think this is so-to-say the foult of the greators Lazynes…

There are a lot more ruder words in subway trains here in Paris, France :wink:
It’s clearly an intended cissel drawn graffito on the glass pane, from my point of view.

Be well

i have seen worse hidden in pictures it doesn’t look out of place it’s not like in jumps out at ya

lol the subway is so clean, and ye theres only one piace of graffitti on the whole train