Strange white highlights

What’s causing this? There’s no spec, and the texture is not causing it.

Cant say without the blend… Set the object to shadeless and see if you still see it

Here’s the blend.

Also on the house, when I bake AO, it only does one side, why?

In the texture (F6) buttons you have UseAlpha button pressed, and your material is white, so when the object is rotated it seems to go out of its mapped area into the 0 alpha area and show the white of the material. Basically make sure UseAlpha isn’t pressed.

EDIT: Oh and for the AO baking you need to select the whole mesh and make sure it is set to the AO image. I can write in more detail if it needs explaining more.

Oh, doh!

For AO baking I had the whole mesh selected. What do you mean “make sure it is set to the AO image”?

Nevermind about the AO I fixed it :smiley:
Thanks for all you guys help! lol