Strange White Line on Texture upon Rendering

Well, I’m new to the community, though I have been kind of working with Blender here and there for a year or so.

Well, recently I wanted to create a model of a character of mine, ‘Plague’, who was my personification of the Bubonic Plague. Well, he has these weird raven-esque/velociraptor feet that have been a pain in the hind end to texture, but I finally got things to look fine in the viewport.

However, upon rendering, there is a strange white streak that right through the texture of the bottom of the feet. I haven’t used any of the painting tools, I’ve tried to reload the texture, readjust the faces on the texture…Despite what all I do, it doesn’t even budge. I even checked it in Photoshop to make sure I didn’t somehow run through it and not notice.

So, I figured I’d turn to the community to see if they could tell me what on earth is wrong with this thing.

In Viewport:


Any suggestions?

Is the texture mapped to UVs. If so have you painted any margin around the uv islands. You can get some distortion if used with a subdivision surface modifier. Without access to the model and texture its difficult to give any reasonable answer. Attche your blend file (and make sure you have packed all textures in the blend) to

Yes, the texture is UV mapped. And…no, at least, I don’t believe so. You can have a look at it here, hopefully:

Be warned, the textures are kind of…well, all over the place in regards to the lower legs. Kind of my first time putting texture layouts together.

Anybody? Anybody at all? I’d rather like to not have to look at this ugly streak on his foot if it can be helped. <.<


I just had a quick look into the blend file. Perhaps you should think about switching to Blender 2.5.

All your objects are named " cube, cube.001, cube.002" etc. Perhaps you should start naming your objects properly.
Lucky me, there is only one object named “cube” assigned to a material named “material.004”(!) named “Tex” . This “Tex” is defined as having an “UV-mapping”- texture. However you have not assigned any UV-image to the texture. Just use the texture panel and assign the appropriate image filename to the texture

As you have not packed the pictures to the blend file it is difficult to look into the images as I do not have a folder “c:/Public/Art Crap/” on my machine. However as you use .png-files the problem could be that you have to tick the premultiply option, if you have transparancies in your pngs.

And as you have not packed your camera object into the blend file nobody can reproduce your published render images.

Perhaps you should start to look into some video tutorials explaining UV-Mapping. And if you don’t want to learn for the past, you should consider about using Blender 2.5x. And pls. start naming your objects properly, as you will not know what “sphere.001” stands for next year.