Strange Windows Update + Critcal BDP bug

I’m making this thread for two reasons: 1) to see if anyone else has experienced this issue, and 2) to discuss the Windows BDP bug. Anyways, last Friday, my PC was forced into an unusual update (with no warning or notification). The behavior of this “update” processed as follows:

  1. The machine was forced into sleep mode.
  2. Shorty after waking up my machine, it was forced into sleep mode a second time.
  3. Shorty after waking up my machine a second time, it was forced to “update and restart” with no warning or notification (except it shutdown instead of restarting).
  4. After booting, a DOS window started rambling about registry values. This was followed by another shutdown. :no:
  5. After booting a second time, Windows finished its “updates” and processed as normal.
    Has anyone else experienced this within the last week?

After further investigation, I came across this, this, and this. To sum up the articles: last Tuesday, Microsoft released details about a critical “RDP bug” which allows anyone run remote code on any machine running Windows. The only requirements for the exploit includes:

  1. The machine must be running Windows.
  2. The machine must connected to the web.
  3. The machine must have Remote Desktop enabled (which is enabled by default on most versions of Windows except the “Professional edition”).

What makes this bug so dangerous is that it does not require intervention from the end user.