(Klein) #1

Hello everybody

My game has strange collisions since i have publisher.
Dynamic objects collide very early with other dynamic objects.
Example:My car collides with an other car, or box, or whatever is dynamic, like it would had got an gigant collisions sphere(the collision begins very early),but the collisions sphere is normal.
And then the other objects fly away(when i collide with them) with hundrets of km/h in any direction.
That´s strange…

Does any1 know what´s the problem?

(hamy25) #2

For your collison do you have any value set when they colide?
Or are you hitting the objects really fast?

Get back to me.

(Klein) #3

well the objects are fast but not so fast like an bullet or so.
They are cars.
What do u mean with value ?
I have set some logic bricks with collision,like if collision with wall,object,then make sound…